Vintage Airstream

Mavis, formerly our 1964 Airstream Safari

This was our first Airstream. I started work on Percy first, so Mavis was waiting for restoration. It soon became apparent that Mavis would be waiting a long time. So, we decided to find her a new home. She now resides in Germany.

This is Mavis the day after we brought her home. Here is a curbside shot. She had the optional jalousie windows over the dinette.
Vintage Airstream Mavis, curbside
Here is a streetside shot.
Vintage Airstream Mavis, streetside

Although the pictures don't show it, her skin was in great shape. She had spent many years parked at a campground, so she didn't some of the normal road dings that most vintage Airstreams pick up over the years. She'll be a real beauty with a good polish job.

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