Other Vintage Travel Trailers

Although my first love (after my wife) is Airstream, I do like many other brands of vintage trailers, as well. I am particularly fond of Spartans and Shastas. I tend to gravitate toward smaller trailers, so the Spartan is a bit of a departure for me. They're just so cool how they lean into the wind. If you really want to see how great a Spartan can be, look no further than Vintage Vacations. Craig Dorsey and his crew do some amazing design and customization work to these vintage beauties. The designs are so true to the period, you would never know that much of the work is completely custom and not true to the original layout.

This was my 1962 16' Shasta Airflyte. We sold it in June of 2008.
Check out my Shasta site at for more info on this trailer and to see its restoration in progress by the new owners.
1962 Shasta Airflyte
This is a 1946 25' Spartan Manor. This is as small as they came. To learn more about Spartan Trailers, check out
1946 Spartan Manor
If you like your camping cozy, this may be the trailer for you.
Compact Shata
I just love this picture.
Trailer Hauler

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