Long-Roofs and Grocery-Getters...
You know, Station Wagons

I just love American station wagons from the mid-fifties to the early sixties.

Although I don't currently own any, here are some of my favorites. I have collected these photos from various places on the net. Thank you to the owners of the cars and the photos. I hope nobody is disappointed that I am celebrating their cars here.

1955 Chevy four-door.
1955 Chevy
1955 Chevy Nomad wagon. This is the celebrated Nomad wagon.
1955 Chevy Nomad
1955 Chevy Nomad wagon. So good, it deserves two pics.
1955 Chevy Nomad
1956 Chevy Handyman two-door wagon. Although it has only two doors, it shouldn't be confused with the two-door Nomad. The Nomad had angled pillars behind the doors and top-level trim. This is still a gorgeous wagon.
1956 Chevy Handyman
1956 Chevy Nomad
1956 Chevy Nomad
1957 Chevy Nomad
1957 Chevy Nomad Wagon
1957 Mercury Colony Park. This car was on ebay. Although I favor mostly GM wagons, this one is a beauty.
1957 Mercury Colony Park
1958 Edsel Bermuda
1957 Chevy Nomad Wagon
1959 Mercury Colony Park in factory photo.
1959 Mercury Colony Park
This 1958 Buick was for sale on ebay. You really can't find more chrome than this on a car.
1958 Buick
1957 Pontiac Safari Transcontinental. I finally got a good version of this picture (thanks, Tom!). There are few things about this car that make it so great. Not only did it have an exclusive stainless trim package on the rear fenders, it also came with a roof rack and a reclining front passenger seat with flip-up headrest for luxurious comfort on the open road. This is a hard-to-find wagon. It's probably at the top of my list of wagons I want.
1957 Pontiac Safari Transcontinental
1957 Pontiac Safari Transcontinental again. This one is missing the factory roof rack and chrome rockers.
1957 Pontiac Safari Transcontinental
1958 Pontiac Safari. We wanted a Pontiac Safari to pull our Airstream Safari. unfortunately, we sold that Airstream. I'd still love to have a Pontiac Safari from the late fifties. This is another ebay car.
1958 Pontiac Safari
1959 Pontiac Safari from ebay
1959 Pontiac Safari
1960 Pontiac Safari. Look at those awesome rocketship-inspired tail lights.
1960 Pontiac Safari
1960 Chevy Nomad. In 1958 Chevy offered the Nomad as a higher trim level four-door rather than a separate model two-door. It remained a four-door until the nomad was dropped after the 1961 model year.
1960 Chevy Nomad
1954 Corvette Nomad Wagon Concept. Chevy developed a series of concept vehicles based on the new Corvette. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your viewpoint), the Corvette part of the equation never materialized. Of course, Chevy did release the Nomad the following year under the the Belair line. As far as I know, this is the only one ever made by Chevy.
1954 Nomad Concept
An early picture of the 1954 Corvette Nomad Wagon Concept
1954 Nomad Concept
1954 Nomad Custom.
1954 Nomad Custom
1999 Nomad Concept. Forty five years later, Chevy does it again. They develop a Nomad concept. Like the Corvette-based Nomad concept before it, this Nomad would not be built.
1999 Nomad Concept
2004 Chevy Nomad Concept Wagon. Another five years pass and Chevy does it again. This time, they do it right. They give it the timeless look of the original concept from fifty years earlier, complete with the original Corvette grille. So, where's the production model?
2004 Chevy Nomad Concept
2004 Dodge Magnum Concept. No, wait. Dodge actually built this one! While Chevy is playing around with concept sport wagons, Dodge actually built one. Nice work.
1999 Dodge Magnum
Metropolitan wagon custom. Nash never manufactured a Metropolitan wagon, although two concept wagons were built. One of those concept wagons can be seen in the Metropolitan Museum at the Metropolitan Pitstop in North Hollywood, CA. This Met wagon was a custom built. It's funny; I love Metropolitans and I love station wagons, but I'm not that crazy about the Met wagon. I'm just picky, I guess.
Met wagon

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