Vintage Airstream

Percy, Our 1966 Airstream Caravel
Exterior Before

Exterior Before Interior Before Demolition

Here are some before shots at the time we brought Percy home in June, 2003

Hindsight being 20/20, when I look back, I should not have bought this trailer. The voices in my head are always telling me "If I knew then, what I know now..." But, I did buy it and now I know everything about it. That includes things I wish I never knew, like how there was once a fire under the kitchen counter. I suppose it's good to have this experience, because next time I will look a lot harder and I will know exactly what it takes to fix or replace something. Live and learn, I guess. Right now, I feel like I'm doing more learning than living. Read on to see what I uncovered from Percy's past...

This is Percy the day we brought him home. Here is a curbside shot. You can see there is a rip in the wheel well. The awning is from 1973. I have the original receipt. It cleaned up pretty well and will be used again. There are few dings here and there.
Vintage Airstream Percy, curbside
Front curbside shot. It's nice to have the rock guard over the front glass. The small kitchen window on this side is the original Corning curved glass.
Vintage Airstream Percy, curbside
Here is a streetside shot. The large "birth mark" on this side is an oxidized area where the clearcoat is coming off. This will polish out fine once the clearcoat is stripped. The two window on this side are plexi.
Vintage Airstream Percy, streetside
Front streetside shot.
Vintage Airstream Percy, Sreetside
Rear curbside with original glass.
Vintage Airstream Percy, rear curbside
Rear streetside.
Vintage Airstream Percy, rear streetside
Rear shot. Here, you can see the home-made spare tire holder that is now gone. Also, the non-factory tail lights justr above the bumper will be replaced with back-up lights. The license plate really belongs to Mavis. If you'd like to see all our vanity trailer plates, go here.
Vintage Airstream Percy, rear

So, that's the exterior. Now, let's go inside.
Exterior Before Interior Before Demolition

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