Vintage Airstream

Percy, Our 1966 Airstream Caravel
Interior Before

Exterior Before Interior Before Demolition

Here are some shots that I took before starting the demolition, er, dismantling of this trailer.

Front sofa with a happy little camper. Note the "vintage" electric heater that was hardwired into the trailer and bolted down under the front gaucho. Of course, it was right inside the door, so the fire could block the exit. How thoughtful! The better option is to go with something new.
Vintage Airstream Facing forward
Rear area. One of my favorite accessories is the leather knife sheath that's screwed to the wall. Very chic! That turquoise vinyl curtain on the counter is from the bathroom window.
Vintage Airstream Facing rear
This is a non-original Dometic three-way refrigerator. I was pleased to see the original metal ice cube tray. Of course, the fridge doesn't work. Thankfully, new options are available.
Vintage Airstream Fridge
Original Hydro-Flame furnace. Don't even bother. The better option is to go with something new.
Vintage Airstream Furnace
Vintage Airstream Kitchen
This is looking up at the range hood. After I removed the filter, I looked up inside the the vent opening to find 40 nasty wasps staring at me. I got my can of wasp and hornet killer. There was just enough left in the can to piss them off. Fortunately, I escaped without incident and was able to finish the job.
Vintage Airstream Range hood
Magic Chef stove and oven. I don't think we will reuse this in the new design. The stove has been sold to carry on the lives of at least two other Magic Chefs.
Vintage Airstream Stove
Original Thetford porcelain toilet. This may have been the single most important reason I bought this trailer. I just hate seeing those old, discolored plastic toilets in these trailers. Thankfully, suitable new options are available.
Vintage Airstream Toilet
Bathroom sink and original shower head.
Vintage Airstream bathroom sink
For whatever reason, a previous owner painted the shower pan. The softness at the rear of the shower foreshadoowed the rot I was to uncover later.
Vintage Airstream Shower pan
One of the previous owners did a lot of extraneous wiring. This wall had lots of switches, a speaker, a 12V accessory outlet, an interior/exterior thermometer a TV mount, 300ohm (flat) TV antenna wire, and lots of little plastic labels from decades ago. And don't forget the only damage to the upper streetside cabinet; those lovely holes hacked out for a speaker.
Vintage Airstream Wall of switches

If you are waiting to see the good parts... you just did. To see the bad parts, proceed to the "demolition" page.
Exterior Before Interior Before Demolition

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