Vintage Airstream

Percy, Our 1966 Airstream Caravel
Demolition, 7/28/03

Exterior Before Interior Before Demolition

This is the start of the gutting of this trailer. Some people would have just "spruced up" this trailer with curtains, cushions and a good cleaning. I am not one of those people.

A quick pic at sunrise. The wheel is off for a hub inspection. There's a quick glimpse of Percy's new license plate. If you'd like to see all our vanity trailer plates, go here.
Vintage Airstream Hub inspection
Forward, before removing the front sofa.
Vintage Airstream Forward
As I mentioned earlier, one of the previous owners liked to wired all sorts of stuff into the trailer. This is just some of the non-factory wiring I pulled out. That battery charger was hardwired in.
Vintage Airstream Wiring mess
More wiring mess. Above the back of the side gaucho, you can see a non-factory storage box that was built. It was a pretty good job, but it still had to go.
Vintage Airstream Wiring mess
That's the 12 Volt transformer way down in the corner. By the way, all that black stuff you see everywhere is the slimy, tar-like residue left behind from years of rodent infestation. Neat, huh? Any vintage trailer with an old 12V converter should upgrade to a new Intelli-power 12V converter.
Vintage Airstream 12V transformer
More yuck under the side gaucho.
Vintage Airstream Under side gaucho
Here's the battery and Univolt area inside the streetside storage door. I'm sure that will clean right up. Um, yeah...

Do yourself a favor and upgrade to a new Intellipower 12V converter with multi-stage charging. You'll be glad you did.

Vintage Airstream Electric

Have you had enough yet? Ready to rush out to ebay to find your own Airstream? (For the record, I didn't buy Percy on ebay.)

If you can't get enough of this stuff, read on.

Exterior Before Interior Before Demolition

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