Vintage Airstream

Percy, Our 1966 Airstream Caravel
Demolition - 10/1/03

Exterior Before Interior Before Demolition

At this point, I was a couple months into this project and things were looking, um, more interesting all the time. I had to admit, I got very discouraged at times throughout this process. My wife, Amy, kept me focused on the goal. Here are more demolition shots.

Looking forward with the front and side sofas removed.
Vintage Airstream Forward
This is all that's left in the water pump area. See that rectangular hole above the wire sticking out of the wall? That's where the round water filler pipe comes in. With the round pipe in the rectangular hole, the mice had an easy entry into the wall. They then proceeded up the wall and into the cavity behind the front overhead storage. They made a huge nest in the fiberglass insulation. They were really living. Well, except for that dead one I found. He was dead. You probably guessed that.
Vintage Airstream Water pump
The electric area is looking pretty stripped down, as well. Hey look, some idiot, I mean someone, drilled some nice large holes in the wall right where all the wires are. Not only was this incredibly dumb, but it gave the mice another way inside the walls. Had I not sold this trailer, I would have installed a new Intellipower 12V converter with multi-stage charging.
Vintage Airstream electric
Here's the 12 volt transformer again. Now there's a view of the blackwater tank, too. Did I mention it's cracked? Well, it is.
Vintage Airstream 12 Volt transformer
Here's a wider shot of the same.
Vintage Airstream Toilet
Long shot of the rear.
Vintage Airstream Rear
Here's the toilet after the closet wall came out. Although this toilet was in decent shape, some very nice replacement options are available.
Vintage Airstream Toilet
Here's the original Bowen water heater. If you look really hard, you can probably see the ground through the hole in the floor under the sink. (Just kidding about the ground, but not kidding about the hole.)
Vintage Airstream Water heater
Here's a shot with the curbside cabinets removed. See that dark spot on the wall that looks like it was burned?
Vintage Airstream Curbside cabinets removed
It was burned. At some time, there was fire under the kitchen cabinets between the sink and the oven.
Vintage Airstream Fire damage
This is where the galley cabinets once were. here's the range hood vent hole where all those nasty wasps were hiding.
Vintage Airstream Galley overhead

Those were all the pictures I took in the fall of 2003. Let's fast forward to the summer of 2004.

Exterior Before Interior Before Demolition

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