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Stella, Formerly Our 1961 Airstream Bambi

In late 2004, we purchased our third Airstream, a 1961 16' Bambi. We found her in Arizona, thanks to some wonderful new friends, Walter and Esther Overgaard. We named her Stella in honor of Stella Byam, wife of Airstream founder Wally Byam.

Fast forward to 2009. Life has changed a lot in the last five years. We enjoyed many camping trips in Stella. But, our nine year old daughter won't stop growing. And to make matters worse (or better, depending how you look at it), we adopted a six year old girl from Ethiopia earlier this year. We have been camping as a newly enlarged family. Stella was always small (her most endearing quality), but she got a lot smaller with an extra kid. As much as it has been my dream to own an Airstream Bambi, it seems the time has come to think bigger. My priority needs to be focused on camping as a family, not how much I love my tiny Airstream.

So, I'm sure someday I will regret it, but we have sold Stella. She is going on a great adventure west to Colorado. We will sure miss her, but we are happy she is going to a good home.

Since we sold Stella, it was time to think about getting something bigger. Check out what we are camping in now.

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This is the latest progress on polishing. The roof is done as well as the front curbside corner. The rear curbside corner is also done even though it doesn't show here. All polishing tools and materials are available here. Note the new panel surrounding the water heater. It's very sturdy and properly sealed with Vulkem Polyurethane Sealant and riveted with Olympic rivets. Also notice the new profile of the roofline without the antenna and the awkward looking roof vent cover. Now it has the correct, low-profile flat cover of the Fantastic Vent from Vintage Trailer Supply.
Vintage Airstream Bambi
This is how the trailer looked when we got her home in 2005.
Vintage Airstream Bambi, Curbside
Stella As Found | Picking her up | First Day Home | Interior | Improvements |

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