Vintage Airstream

Stella, Formerly Our 1961 Bambi

Stella Home Stella As Found Picking Her Up First Day Home Interior Improvements

I spent weeks cleaning the Arizona dust out of every crack and crevice of the trailer. We decided to put new foam in the cushions, which still had the original pin hole foam rubber cushions. Although the cushion covers are not original, they are 70s era, genuine naugahyde. The covers were in such good shape we decided to just give them a good cleaning. Once I removed the foam rubber (which weighed a ton!), I scrubbed the covers with soap and water. They were so dirty, the water looked like coffee running down the driveway. The new, high density foam was a fraction of the weight and was very comfortable. It was very expensive, but worth it.

Front sofa area - notice the vintage Bulova clock radio, restored by R.J. Dial of
Vintage Airstream Front Sofa
Front sofa Left Side
Vintage Airstream Front Sofa Left
Front sofa Right Side, including my grandfather's Shakespeare pocket fisherman and copy of Sunset's Family Camping from 1962
Vintage Airstream Front Sofa Right
My Grandparents' Movie Camera
Vintage Airstream Movie Camera
Vintage Steam Travel Iron - never used - $2.00 at a yard sale
Vintage Airstream Travel Iron
Streetside gaucho pulls out to a double size bed.
Vintage Airstream Streetside Gaucho
Vintage Airstream Pantry
Vintage Airstream Warranty
Vintage Airstream Kitchen
Stove Area - note the vintage West Bend "Ovenette" stovetop oven. It makes a fantastic pancake warmer.
Vintage Airstream Stove
Sink area, including the vintage "Deluxe" (2 speed) Osterizer blender
Vintage Airstream Sink Area

Stella Home Stella As Found Picking Her Up First Day Home Interior Improvements

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